15 Hacks for Blogger Images, I Bet You Don’t Know About It

Sharing Blogger image hacks and tricks to automatically resize, fit, scale, crop, align and adding border to any image using only URL parameters.

Images are the most important part of publishing a post on the web. An image speaks 100 words. Image defines any concept in less time than it is required for a paragraph. And every publisher takes the advantage of adding images to every blog page.

Blogger users were searching on how to set the height and width of an image by using HTML? How can I alter the dimensions of an image when it is in an URL? What is the best way to alter the size of an image within an HTML URL? What is the best way to specify the dimensions of an image? What is the best way to determine the width and height of the image by referring to the URL?
Today I will discuss the latest methods of uploading images to Blogger Blogspot. Many bloggers, especially those who utilize ” Blogspot” as their blogging platform and to make use of HTML or CSS (Cascade Style Sheet) to control the width, height and size of images that are added to blog posts. However, they are unaware that they can alter their image’s height, width, border borders, crop, etc ., only by altering the blogger’s image URL.

To manage the shifts in layout to control layout shifts and increase performance to improve PageSpeed score must be maintained. You need to set dimensions of height and width for your photos. You can alter the size of your image by specifying the size and width of the image using the URL. If width and height are set the area required to display the image will be preserved as the page loads. If you choose both width and height the image is resized to conform to the proportions you specify. It may alter the aspect ratio of the image in the beginning. Explore new techniques and hacks you can employ with the URL of your image to set a new dimensions, height, width, border and much more.


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