Fixing Structured Data Errors | image_url | mainEntityOfPage in Blogger

Learn fixing structured data errors shown by rich snippet results test for better SEO. Also validate schema markup warnings for blogger/WordPress.

Yesterday some one reported me about new error showing in their website while testing in Structured Data Testing Tool. First I ignored but when I test my blog in it I found that there is so many errors exist in my website but now all are fixed.

Fixing Structured Data Errors – To solve this issue, I tried Google Sites to check the error exists or not. If I’m sure you’ll be surprised to find they also have the same error. But I have solved the issues after a lot of trial and error. I also create an inventory of all errors and the basic requirements of the Tool for Testing Structured Data.

The first step is to check your website’s errors with the program by Google named ” Structured Data Testing Tool” and then use the schema markup validater in the event that you discover any error you can follow the instructions for errors on your website. If your problem is not visible here, just leave a comment out. I’ll attempt to explain it in my guide.

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