Microsoft removed new taskbar animations in Windows 11 build 25182

It seems that Microsoft has removed the new animations in the taskbar that it tested with Windows 11 build 25179. According to @PhantomOfEarth’s report, Windows 11 build 25182 deleted the new zoom-in animations from the icons and replaced them with the old version of the fly-up icon.

The new animations are an A/B test Microsoft frequently conducts prior to making announcements about a feature or making it available across the entire Windows Insiders. Users quickly found out that it is possible to force-enable the zoom-in feature by using Vivetool and the 39072097 ID. Unfortunately, this configuration does not work anymore. If you try to enable 39072097 without or with additional options will result with Windows 11 returning to the default animation.


If you’re still running Windows 11 build 25179, you can read our tutorial on how to turn on the new animation for your taskbar. Microsoft has never acknowledged the new taskbar in Windows 11, so we don’t know if the previously removed animation will come back.

A different taskbar related “feature” Windows Insiders have been discussing in detail is the rounded corners. However, Microsoft representatives quickly debunked the notions and confirmed that the smooth taskbar in Preview Windows 11 builds is nothing but a glitch.

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